A Busy Week

The Social Development Committee’s “Cyberbullying” project entered its fourth year of activities and lectures on the dangers of the internet and effects of cyberbullying. This year, and with the upcoming “Safe Internet Surfing Week”, announced by the Israeli Ministry of Education to take place February 4-9, the SDC had a busy week.

Eli Badran, the SDC’s media specialist, gave a lecture last Sunday. The lecture discussed whether privacy on the web actually exists, including the internet’s dangers and safe use. The listeners are youth from the local Abbas Center.

Dr. Amer Jaraysi, a clinical psychologist, met with Haifa’s counselors and education coordinators from Arab schools to talk about two things: the first was the counselors’ challenges and accomplishments when conducting the classroom activities the SDC suggested in its booklet. The second was a dialogue and brainstorm about potential activities during the upcoming “Safe Internet Surfing Week”. 

Six hundred and fifty students attended the “DangerNet” play, which aims to counteract the dangers of the Internet. The scenario was written by Nazem Shreidi from al-Siraj Theatre and relied on materials and stories the SDC gathered. Shreidi worked hand in hand with Badran and Dr. Jaraysi in creating the play, as he relied on their knowledge and expertise in the field to create a play that sends meaningful message to youth.

Because of its endeavors in the matter for four years, the SDC has become a center for consultancy on cyberbullying and safe internet youth for parents and educators.      


The Young Orator

“The Young Orator” is a new project launched by the Social Development Committee in cooperation with the Stella Maris Rotary

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