No Room for a Counselor’s Room

No Room for a Counselor's Room

Al-Hewar School for Alternative Learning- Art and Creativity is an Arab elementary school in Haifa facing numerous problems. The cause of these problems is shortage of spaces. This is incompatible with the school’s vision, which is to be a school for art and creativity, the first its kind for Arabs in Haifa.

The school is overcrowded, which is causing violence between students. The school is missing essential rooms and facilities such as a library, gym, laboratory, computer room, a school counselor’s room, a physical education hall, and an adequate teacher’s lounge. Al-Hewar school has 293 students and only 2 bathrooms. The school has no emergency exit that is compatible the Israeli Ministry of Education’s standards.

With the intention of adding a classroom a few years back, the municipality placed a trailer on the schoolyard, making the schoolyard ever more tight and crowded. The location of the school also poses a problem: traffic caused by shortage of parking spaces disrupts classes. This also makes the school’s location unsafe for young children who walk to their nearby homes.

The current head of al-Hewar Parents Committee, Professor Mogher Khamaisi, stated in a position paper “The municipality’s procrastination comes at the expense of children and their parents. We refuse to start a new school year with the current conditions… It is inconceivable that a school for Art and Creativity does not have a single art room; teachers are teaching art classes in hallways and staff. We will have to go to court unless the municipality of Haifa attends to our demands.”

In 2013, concerned parents from the school first met with the Mayor of Haifa in order to bring his attention to the situation and request immediate solution. The parents then appointed Mossawa Center to follow the case, who in turn sent letters to officials demanding action. These letters did not accomplish anything other than receiving empty promises without obligation or commitment to follow through.

This is why al-Hewar School Parents Committee, the Social Development Committee, the Organization for Distributive Justice, and the Haifa University Law Clinic-in cooperation with Mossawa Center- are now working hand in hand to find a solution. These organizations sent another letter to the mayor of Haifa and the Israeli Ministry of Education; where they asked both parties to abide the laws and conditions set by the Ministry of Education itself, as al-Hewar school does not enjoy the services it rightfully deserves.

The letter also warned that failing to attend to al-Hewar school’s needs would result in legal action against the neglectful parties.

Samar Qudha, a lawyer from the University of Haifa Legal Clinic, has sent numerous letters over the past few months to the Mayor of Haifa and the Haifa district executive in the Israeli Ministry of Education. In the letters, Qudha requested a solution with its own work plan, deadlines, and budget.

So far, efforts have not been successful; official circles are still neglecting the Arab students of al-Hewar school and are not attending to this pressing matter.

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