The Social Development Committee is a nongovernmental organization established by and for Arabs in Haifa in 1982. It gives services to the Arab community in Haifa and aims to develop their living  conditions, as well as enhancing their sense of belonging and identity in the community which was shattered in the Nakba (1948 catastrophe) when they were separated from the majority of the community and lived under military rule until 1967.  The SDC depends on moral values that aim to help the collective community without segregation and offers its services to all neighborhoods. 

The SDC had different approaches since its establishment. The first was pivoted towards providing services for the community. This included educational training courses, assisting those in need, provision of dental services and supporting people in solving problems with the municipality. 

In the second was attempting to strengthen the ability of our community to withstand problems and to present issues before authorities. 

With the increase of the SDC’s competencies and resources, it extended its activities to all areas of life, which include opposing official policies of discrimination and redefining relations within Palestinian society. 

The SDC is currently tackling two main issues: housing and cyber bullying.