Christmas Spirit at the SDC

The Christmas spirit means love and generosity; this is why the SDC’s Woman’s Forum organized a visit to Qalb Yasou’ institution, which gives educational and social services to children with special needs all year round. Boys and girls received gifts from “Santa Clause”, Mr. Nicola Abdo, with Christmas spirit to draw a smile on their faces and plant joy in their hearts.

The SDC’s Youth Leadership Group went to the Carmel Hospital of Haifa accompanied by Mr. Nicola Abdo and SDC staff members, where they handed out candy to the children, nurses, and doctors in the children’s ward.

The Youth Leadership Group started meeting weekly around two months ago, bringing together 10th graders from around Haifa under the SDC’s project “Safe Community”. In a conversation with the Women’s Forum coordinator, Ms. Farida Badran, and the Youth Leadership Group coordinator, Ms. Areen Awad, we learn that such activates are important because they celebrate social solidarity and communication between different social groups during the holidays. The SDC gives special thanks to Mr. Nicola Abdo and Mr. Elias Haddad for cooperating with the SDC in providing gifts for the children.


The Young Orator

“The Young Orator” is a new project launched by the Social Development Committee in cooperation with the Stella Maris Rotary

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