Haifa-Towards a Shared City

The SDC continues implementing its “Haifa-Towards a Shared City” project that started about five years ago.

A rights-based project through which the SDC organizes community groups and capacitates them to advocate

the municipality of Haifa for equality in provision of services, and justice in allocation of resources to the Arab community in Haifa.

As part of the project, the SDC held a Zoom meeting on 28th February 2021, attended by members of the

SDC’s Education Task-Force and representatives from the municipal management where issues related

the Arab education system and the needs for its improvement were discussed.

Among the participants were Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, Mayor of Haifa and Mr. Ofer Lerner from Siegel office

that has been assigned by the Haifa Municipality to prepare a master plan for the education system in the city.

The SDC introduced some of the challenges identified and articulated in a document titled

“The Arab Education System in the City of Haifa”, which was produced by the SDC Education Task-Force and

introduced to the Municipality during the meeting. The document written and edited by Dr. Johnny Mansour and

.Dr. Uriel Simonson contains specific needs, problem, visions, demands and recommendations that the SDC is advocating for.

The meeting was characterized by being constructive and participants from the SDC encouraged the municipality to

proceed with reforming and improving the Arab education system in Haifa and not wait for the new master plan to be completed

The participants also appreciated and emphasized the usefulness of such direct meetings between community members duty bearers.

The SDC’s director, Adv. Jumana Aghbaria Hammam closed by highlighting the SDC’s role in bridging between rights holders and duty

bearers by implementing its effective advocacy strategy to influence change and attain equality.