Annual Narrative Report 2020

A Letter from the SDC’s Director

Dear partners, friends and beneficiaries:  

On behalf of SDC’s staff and Board of Trustees, I am writing this letter to close one of the most intense and tumultuous years of our era, year 2020.  Let’s face it, 2020 has been a stressful year for all humanity. As a civil society organization, we were put to the test of what we really were capable of in times of hardship and uncertainty. Our staff has been stretched in capacities, responsibilities and simply managing chaos. During the year we experienced the full pendulum from exhaustion, high anxiety, great sadness, to joy and reassurance. What a year it has been! Now as we are closing the book on 2020, it is remarkable to consider just how many challenges we’ve faced over the past year and yet; how many blessings we found in stories of success; working together with teachers, students, civic groups, children and elderlies and quickly responding and helping them deal with the “new life order”.   

2020 was not only challenging but also sensible in reminding us of our reality and the difficult state of most our beneficiaries which intensified by the pandemic that brought social equity to the fore. Inequalities and insufficient services to the Arab community in Haifa continued to be an issue. Working on our projects in 2020 has been rough, and I just wanted to acknowledge that. We had to creatively adjust many of our plans to accommodate immediate needs triggered by the pandemic. Needs that required modifications of our priorities and in sometimes alteration of approaches. People needed not only technical knowledge on use of electronic platforms, computers at home, internet capacity but also, they expressed clear needs for psychosocial support, coping, reassurance and resilience skills.

Nonetheless, while 2020 carried to us many bad news it is fair to recognize in this letter that good things have also happened. For the SDC it is the year during which we articulated and wrote our Theory of Change, developed a three-year strategy and identified the SDC’s four-pathways of change that became our core programs until 2023. It is also the year in which we invested in our organizational capacity building and restructuring, had some joy in focusing inward– taking a breath, taking stock. As the executive director of the SDC I am incredibly grateful and struck by the fact that 2020 gave us many good things at the personal and professional levels, and has made the SDC a better organization in many tangible ways. With deep appreciation for our staff team– which is by far the most important part of our organization – the SDC is poised for significant growth and impact in the years ahead which reinforces our passion, energy and commitment for continued progress in the upcoming fifth decade of our organization.

In close, I want to thank all of you. Our funders, sponsors, partners and communities, thank you. Your investment and your commitment to SDC’s mission is highly appreciated. Our progress depends entirely on your faith in our abilities and your generosity of spirit and resource. From the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the entire organization, thank you. To all of you and your families, I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2021. 

Sincerely yours

 Adv. Jumana Hamam Ighbariah

SDC’s Executive Director

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