Project: Social Fabric

Capacitate the SDC so it can shift to impact orientation, harvest outcomes and create high impact. This project targets SDC members, staff and board Annual-implementation-plans will include monitoring activities at the outputs and outcome levels to ensure that the directions taken indeed contribute to the theory of change. Assumptions will be monitored, revisited, and validated annually.
Haifa Shared City

“Mediniati” Project: Uniting Efforts to Strengthen the Resilience of Arabs in Mixed Coastal Cities Amidst the Aftermath of War

In the wake of the recent war on Gaza and escalating tensions with the Jewish majority, the partner organizations in the “Mediniati” emergency project in the five mixed coastal cities – Jaffa, Lod, Ramla, Haifa, and Acre – intensified their activities during March 2024 to support the Arab community in facing the challenges arising from the conflict.

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Social Fabric

SDC celebrates annual Arab Teachers Day

The staff of the SDC has been honouring the Arab teacher in Haifa since 2011 by organising events in recognition of educators’ contribution and dedication. On Wednesday Nov. 30th 2022, SDC staff visited the Arab schools in Haifa and distributed a plaque quoting Ali Bin Abi Talib, ‘Educate your children for the future, for they are not meant to live your times.’

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