Celebrating Arabic Language and Culture: SDC’s Impactful Initiative in Haifa’s Schools

The Social Development Committee (SDC) in Haifa marked International Arabic Language Day with a series of educational and cultural activities in local Arab schools. This initiative, recognizing Arabic’s official status at the UN since 1973, aimed to deepen students’ connection with their linguistic heritage. Engaging workshops and interactive sessions were designed not only to educate but also to entertain, thereby enhancing students’ appreciation of Arabic’s rich cultural and civilizational significance. Positive feedback from schools underscored the success of the program, noting its role in reinforcing Arabic identity and values among students. This effort by the SDC underscores the importance of cultural preservation and education in fostering community pride and identity.


A Busy Week

The Social Development Committee’s “Cyberbullying” project entered its fourth year of activities and lectures on the dangers of the internet

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