Celebration of International Children’s Day

Within the framework of the “Safe Community” project the SDC implements activities every year, which aim to make people aware of their civil rights. One of these projects is the commemoration of International Children’s Day, during which the SDC works with Arab schools in Haifa, to provide children information about their rights in a playful way.

The participating schools included Carmel School, Saint John’s School, the Italian School, Sisters of Nazareth, Ahmadyya School and Saint John’s kindergarten.

One of the activities was reading stories based on key values of tolerance, solidarity, kindness, Puppet Theater and music, to display all about Children and their rights.

The second activity was the distribution of an activity book “Me and My Rights”, which included fun activities and coloring pages and stickers, which were all about the rights children are entitled to along with each page such as the right to housing, the right to security and so on.

The books were meant to convey the same message to children and to mature their knowledge of the subject in a simplified and fun manner, but nonetheless displayed the actual rights for their welfare and protection.

According to Faihaa Awad, director of educational projects as such at The Social Development Committee: “We maintained within the ‘Safe Community’ project activities focus on the ideology of accepting others by way of stories, to help children take in the true meaning and the message behind it using theater, body language, and visual interpretation. Stories are of utmost importance to children, for it passes on values and principles, and flourishes a child’s personality, as the child encases themselves in the story and takes on the role of the hero, it frees them of reality and extents of the world in which they live. We’ve gotten positive feedback from students and teachers, and feedback on the significance of such programs and the future possibility of more.”

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all the school administrators and program coordinators for their cooperation, and to the shareholders for the “Me and My Rights” prints, in sponsorship with A.S.E Engineering under the management of Amir Eissawi and G.U.Y Computers director Anis Ghantoos

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