“Haifa, History and Memory”

Haifa, History and Memory second edition. Author: Hussien Ighbaria The book contains 17 chapters This book deals with the important history of Haifa and highlights the events of the 1948 displacement in particular.

In this revised and expanded second edition of the book, the writer sheds light on more aspects of the amputated Palestinian city by adding new testimonies to the people of Haifa, some detailed maps and pictures, and strengthening the oral narrative, so that the book will be an educational tool for our students, a narrative document for our people, and a writing of the history that the other novel seeks to obliterate.


SDC celebrates annual Arab Teachers Day

The staff of the SDC has been honouring the Arab teacher in Haifa since 2011 by organising events in recognition of educators’ contribution and dedication. On Wednesday Nov. 30th 2022, SDC staff visited the Arab schools in Haifa and distributed a plaque quoting Ali Bin Abi Talib, ‘Educate your children for the future, for they are not meant to live your times.’

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A Busy Week

The Social Development Committee’s “Cyberbullying” project entered its fourth year of activities and lectures on the dangers of the internet

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