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Annual Narrative Report 2020

A Letter from the SDC’s Director Dear partners, friends and beneficiaries:   On behalf of SDC’s staff and Board of Trustees, I am writing this letter

Haifa-Towards a Shared City

The SDC continues implementing its “Haifa-Towards a Shared City” project that started about five years ago. A rights-based project through which the SDC organizes community

Our Vision: Arab community that is aware, engaged and capable to change its reality

Our Programs

Haifa Shared City

Arabs in Haifa are organizaed in groups and able to demand their rights


Haifa schools’ students/youth aqcuire & practice knewledge about progressive life skills education, reflected in their social change initiatives

Social Fabric

Repair social fabric by decreasing divisions and exclusions of vulnerable groups and engage them in the change process

Capacity Building

Building the capacity of the SDC


انا وحقوي

لقد ارتأينا في جمعية التطوير الاجتماعي وضمن مشروع “مجتمع امن ورفع الوعي الحقوقي” ومن منطاق واجبنا كمؤسسة أهلية ان نضع بين ايديكم كراسة أنا وحقوقي

חיפה :החברה והשכונות הערביות

מסמך דרישות מסמך זה מהווה תמצית הדרישות המרכזיות של החברה והשכונות הערביות בעיר חיפה,כפרעי ותוצאה מחקריים בהתבסס על סקר צרכים תכנוני מקיף אשר בחן את