Schools Celebrate the International Arabic Language Day, the SDC Conducts Related Activities at 13 Schools

On December 18, the World Arabic Language Day was celebrated, and for the second year in a row, the SDC held activities in Arab schools located in Haifa. The main objective of these activities was to increase the importance of the Arabic language among the students.

According to the SDC, language is the foundation of identity and culture, and it is especially relevant for the Arab students in Haifa to cultivate their linguistic capabilities and their bond with their native language.

The events took place in thirteen schools, and were facilitated by poets, authors, storytellers, calligraphers, and a theater actress. The director of the SDC, Mr. Fathi Marshoud, highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the SDC and the schools in commemorating this day, and mentioned that if the educational institutions continue to work and foster their mother tongue, there is no reason to worry about the children losing their language and identity despite attempts to extinguish it.


The Young Orator

“The Young Orator” is a new project launched by the Social Development Committee in cooperation with the Stella Maris Rotary

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